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Inspect What You Expect

Even though some of you are still digging out from this winter’s crazy snow, it's race time again.  That means getting everything at your facility clean, working, and ready for use.  When I worked for Humpy at Charlotte Motor Speedway he always reminded us to “inspect what you expect." Winter and periods of non-use are hard...
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Increase your Bottom Line with Souvenir Sales

This month, my blog will take a quick look at souvenir sales.  Before working with Speedway Benefits I spent nearly 20 years working for Humpy Wheeler at Speedway Motorsports, first managing concessions and then souvenirs for all eight SMI facilities.  As you can see from the photo, souvenirs have been a part of racing since...
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Why Help Grassroots Racing?

Since Humpy Wheeler first shared his idea of Speedway Benefits with me, the possibilities seemed endless. With over 1,200 tracks having more than 50 million fans in attendance each year, grassroots racing is set to become a marketing powerhouse. Right now, I think of us all being in a boat with everyone paddling at different times...
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