How much will this cost me?

Nothing.  We make money when we bring you sponsorship or save you money. We take what we need to pay you for sponsorship, mark it up then charge the sponsor.  If we find you savings, we split the savings with you.  It’s simple – we make money from the money we make or save you.

Can you give me an example of what sponsorship and cost savings opportunities might look like?

  • Sponsorship: if we bring you a $2,000 sponsorship from AutoZone, we simply mark up the fee we charge the sponsor (AutoZone) to cover our cost of doing business.  So we charge the sponsor $3,000, pay you $2,000 and we keep $1,000 to cover our expenses.
  • Cost savings:  we will negotiate savings on the things you buy most and split the savings with you. For example, if are you spending 73 cents per roll of toilet paper and we can get the same product for 36.5 cents, we will split the savings with you.  You get toilet paper for 55 cents (25% off).  The vendor pays us 18 cents a roll.

What services will Speedway Benefits offer?

We will seek sponsorships for you and get you the best pricing on the things you buy most.  You tell us where you want to save money and we bring you the best deals on the things you buy already. You tell us areas you want help with on sponsorship and we approach those sponsors on behalf of the entire group.  Each member can then voluntarily opt in or opt out of any sponsor offer presented to them.

We will also offer consulting to our members.  Humpy, along with other top promoters in the country, will host regular conference calls to discuss everything from growing your fan base, reaching the younger demographic, how to put on a better show, and the list goes on.

How do I join?


  • You sign a membership form, which says we will sell for you and find you better pricing
  • You tell us where you want help with sponsorships and saving money
  • We go find the best deals in the country
  • We bring these opportunities back to you
  • You can decide if you want to take the deal or not
  • You don’t have to take any deal we bring you
  • You can keep any sponsorship you have

How much will I get paid?

You will get paid based on your attendance.  Here are the sample amounts we hope to bring you based, per sponsorship, on attendance per sponsorship:

Average Yearly Attendance

Sponsorship $’s to Track*













*What each Track gets from cost savings opportunities will vary, depending on the sponsor, terms and value Track brings to sponsor.

How much will I save on vendor programs?

We will save you from 5%-50% on concessions, souvenirs, soda, beer and trash collection.  Each deal will differ, depending on how many members we are representing and the profit margin in each item.  Again, we get paid based on the savings we create. We will split savings with you.  The more we save you, the more we make.

What will I have to do for sponsors?

What you are doing now.  Put up a sign. Get your PA guy to read some messages.  Allow a sponsor to sample or display at your track.  Include sponsors message in your existing advertising.  Agree to support sponsor by shopping in their store or buying their product.  If there are expenses related to the sponsorship, we will add that to what you are getting paid so you are covered for any expenses.  You will know up front exactly what you are going to get from a sponsorship and what is required of you before you make a decision whether to participate in that particular program or not.

What if I want to keep a sponsor or vendor?

Keep them.  If you have a three-year deal with Coke, we understand. If the guy who collects your trash was the best man in your wedding, stay with him.  We don’t want to interrupt any relationship you have. It’s your business, your track. We are simply bringing you cost savings and money-making opportunities…you choose which to take.

Am I too small?

No track is too small, even if you do one event per year with 1,000 attendees. The whole idea is based on total numbers.  The more tracks we have, the more leverage we have to get you discounts and bring you sponsorship. The fan sitting in your stands is just as important and powerful a consumer as the fan sitting in the biggest track in the country.

Top 5 Myths

Sounds great!  Sign me up now!  Read our brochure, too.

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