Food Deal Q & A:

QUESTION: How does the merger of Sysco & US Foods effect the Premier program?
ANSWER:  Premier evaluates their food service distribution contract every five years to ensure they are maximizing value for their members.

QUESTION:  I buy from Costco, Restaurant Depot, and other local discount stores spending $600,000/year.  Will a US Foods representative meet with me to identify the type of savings I could achieve by jumping on the program?
ANSWER:  We will definitely have a US Foods representative set up an appointment to visit and help identify equivalent products and pricing.

QUESTION: What does ‘Prime Vendor’ mean?
ANSWER: Purchasing 80% of your total food and nonfood supplies from US Foods.

QUESTION:  Do I need to fill out a new credit application if I currently buy from US Foods?

QUESTION: Can someone email me a confirmation that my Letter of Participation to Premier/Value 4 was received ?
ANSWER:  Yes, Joe Donnarumma will.

QUESTION:  Who will deliver product to my track?
ANSWER:  A US Foods truck.

QUESTION:  What is included in the 80 – 85% Prime Vendor commitment?
ANSWER:  Food and nonfood supplies. You would still buy your beverages elsewhere.

QUESTION:  I’m currently buying from US Foods, will someone do an analysis to show me the savings by moving to the Premier program?
ANSWER:  Yes, absolutely.

QUESTION:  I’m currently using Gehl’s cheese sauce, if I need equipment will it be furnished with the new program?

QUESTION:  What does Speedway Benefits get out of this?
ANSWER:  We receive a small negotiated percentage of each food purchase.

QUESTION:  I need culinary help, I’m currently buying food and supplies from an outside caterer and now moving this in-house!
ANSWER:  We will provide the necessary help to forecast and identify product needs.

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