Prospective Members Food/Concession Program Information

Are you considering Speedway Benefits? 

If you are, this is a great time to get on board.  We have inked the largest food service/concession partnership in the history of motorsports.  If your track is interested in saving on products you already sell or could sell in the future, listen up!

The program:

  • Gives each track 100% flexibility to order whatever you want or you can choose from the thousands of “like” items where you can save the most money  (i.e. replace your existing 8:1 hotdog with a similar product and save 10-15%).  This partner has 15 pages of hot dogs.  That’s how much choice you have.
  • Offers a 30 day out if you are not satisfied for any reason.


Do I have to be a Speedway Benefits Member to join this program?  Yes, you can sign up here online with one click, contact us, or download a paper copy of the Speedway Benefits Membership Form Agreement.  Have more questions?  Click here for a list of FAQ’s regarding membership.

So I can buy whatever I want?  Yes, period. They have tens of thousands of items.  You can pick whatever you want.

How do I save money?  By choosing the items where our partner has negotiated the deepest discounts.   They have deeply discounted items in every category you can think of like hot dogs, foil liners, cooking supplies, cleaners, you name it.  It’s up to you completely to choose what you want and how much you want to save.

How much will I save?  It depends on how flexible you are, how good a deal you have now and how big your order is.  If you are flexible, you can choose the biggest discounted items.  If you have negotiated a good local deal, we’ll still be able to save you money, but if you are buying at full retail we can save you a lot.  If you order a big load of food it lowers the cost of transportation so you save money.  But even if you are small track, you will still save.  In short, the worst case is you will save 2-3%.  Best case you will save 10-30%.

How do I apply?  Simple, fill out the opt-in (via your email invite) and credit application once you become a Member of Speedway Benefits.

Who is the GPO?  Premier/Value 4

Who is the distributor?  US Foods

My local distributor says he can beat our deal.  He is right – on one or two items. That’s how they get you to stay.  But overall, there is no way a local distributor can match the buying power of the GPO we have chosen.  So, yes, you will find an item here or there where the local guy or Costco/Sams/BJ’s will have a better price, but overall, on everything you buy in total, this deal will save you a lot or a little.  Our GPO partner negotiates every day to find better deals so you will be offered savings literally on a daily basis.

Can I get out of the deal if I don’t like it?  Yes.  There is a 30 day out.  So give it 30 days just to see what you think.  You will see the savings when you place your first order.   But if you still don’t like it you can get out after just 30 days.

Can I get credit?  Yes, but you have to qualify like any credit application (i.e. credit card).

If I join, will that dilute my savings with other tracks?  NO!  Just the opposite, the more tracks that participate, the BETTER the pricing you will receive.

I am a Canadian track, how will this affect me?  Great question, unfortunately, US Foods does not currently service Canada.  However, this is just a SMALL part of the partnerships we are currently pursuing like beer, soda, aftermarket auto, candy, etc. to aid your track in the future.  We encourage Canadian tracks to join so that we have an even larger contingency to negotiate on your behalf.

How can I win my first food order free?  All Speedway Benefits Member tracks that join the food deal and order or pre-order food with US Foods by May 1, 2014 will be entered into a random drawing to win their first food order/pre-order FREE.  Yup, FREE is a good thing.

Become an inaugural member of Speedway Benefits and join the hundreds of other tracks who will receive deep discounts and the opportunity to benefit from our sales team working to secure sponsorships on your behalf.  We work for you.

Join Speedway Benefits Now!

Already a member and want to join the food deal? Click here for 3 easy steps or call Todd Adams at 704-224-1333.