How It Works


Speedway Benefits was formed to unite the 1,000+ grassroots tracks across the U.S. and Canada into 1 international property.

We are one of the biggest sports in the country, with 50 million attendees who spend $1 trillion dollars. With this scale, we will find you the best deals on the things you buy most. As an international sports property, we will be able to bring you sponsorships from the biggest and best companies in the world.

We are a marketing alliance that helps you save money.

The concept is simple. Speedway Benefits is an alliance that will provide you the benefits of a large organization. Big companies across our country get the best pricing because they buy in bulk. We will do the same for you. Alone, a track has no leverage. But together, you spend $200 million dollars annually. That is a lot of leverage.

We will find you the best deals on toilet paper, beer, soda, tools and equipment, trash collection, payroll services, souvenirs, concessions, all the things you use most.

We will sell sponsorships for you.

United, we have 50 million attendees who spend more than $1 trillion dollars. That is a very large and powerful audience that national sponsors want to get in front of and sell to. We will be the best way for sponsors to reach 50 million hard-working Americans.

We will offer large companies traditional sponsorship elements like:

  • Track signage
  • P.A. announcements
  • Tickets
  • National promotions
  • Themed track nights

We will also support sponsors who support us by buying their products and services.

We also provide promotional and operational expertise.

How would you like the ability to have access to Humpy and his team for any (and we mean any) questions or concerns, or simply to bounce around ideas? If you are a member of Speedway Benefits, they are just a phone call or email away. You can ask how to get rid of fire ants; how to keep your dirt track from being too dusty; what are the best promotions and marketing ideas to put butts in seats and get car counts up; how to pay for your daughter’s college education!

Why are we doing this? Because we believe that grassroots racing is the backbone of motorsports in America today. And you are all on your own, out there day after day, trying to make a few dollars here and there. We can use our vast motorsports marketing, promotional and operations expertise to help you. It really is that simple.

  • We are a marketing alliance – not a sanctioning body
  • We unite you into an international sports property
  • We find you the best deals in the world
  • You choose which opportunities to take – Pass on anything you don’t want
  • We get paid from the money we bring you
  • We have one agenda: to make and save you money – If you don’t do both, we don’t make a penny
  • We are loyal to you because we are one of you
  • The only thing we ask is that you give us a few years to get this going – It will cost us millions to get it done and we need some time to make it work.

 Have more questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions  or read our brochure.

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