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Speedway Benefits to partner with WARPA at Annual Event


CHARLOTTE, NC (November 7, 2014) – Speedway Benefits along with the Western Auto Racing Promoters Association (WARPA) are proud to announce a new partnership that will begin at this year’s annual WARPA seminar November 21-22 in Portland,...
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Got a ‘bad apple’? Here’s how to deal with ‘em!

Ok, so you got a bad guy around…one of those  dudes that is always at the bottom of trouble.

Well, I have certainly been around enough of those fellows particularly during my early days when I was in my twenties and full of pee and vinegar. One guy was a big strong driver who looked like...
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Mother Nature’s Bad Mood: Dealing with Rainouts

The 2014 Racing Season has not been kind to some of our member tracks. Speedway Benefits Members and promoters Beau Simmons of Dacotah Speedway, North Dakota and Mark Gibbons of Carolina Speedway, North Carolina help us out this week with a blog.

Beau's Perspective (North Dakota): 

The 2013 season was...
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What to do When a Driver Ruins the Show with Runaways

Nothing ruins the show more than one driver winning six straight features and running away with them to boot! So, as you watch attendance dwindle to only that driver's relatives and friends, you realize something must be done. I had it happen to me both on my dirt and super speedway tracks, and it kills attendance....
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