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Speedway Benefits to partner with WARPA at Annual Event


CHARLOTTE, NC (November 7, 2014) – Speedway Benefits along with the Western Auto Racing Promoters Association (WARPA) are proud to announce a new partnership that will begin at this year’s annual WARPA seminar November 21-22 in Portland,...
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Got a ‘bad apple’? Here’s how to deal with ‘em!

Ok, so you got a bad guy around…one of those  dudes that is always at the bottom of trouble.

Well, I have certainly been around enough of those fellows particularly during my early days when I was in my twenties and full of pee and vinegar. One guy was a big strong driver who looked like...
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Good Racing and Great Food – A Winning Combination!

By Guest Blogger: Steve Post American’s love to eat, and good racing and great food go hand-in-hand.  In fact; good ANYTHING these days goes hand-in-hand with great food.  We are a food-crazed society. And while the food fanaticism is more recent; I think about my youth going to racetracks in Upstate New York and I can still...
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Dealing with Unruly Employees

Is someone stealing from you? Do you have employees drinking or worse? We have all gone through the anguish of worrying about someone stealing from us or our good employee drinking or worse. I once wondered why my back gate was off 10-12 percent despite what I thought was a bigger pit crowd. After...
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